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Eau Claire Service Center, Eau Claire, WI

Thank you for your interest in reserving one of our beautiful GSNWGL locations for your troop meeting or event!  To get started, click "Make a Reservation" at the top of this page.  From there, you will see a drop-down menu that has all the different property locations you can chose from.

For additional information on locations, visit   

Reservations may be made up to  seven months in advance by GSNWGL Service Units and GSNWGL Girl Scout troops/groups. Reservations may be made up to four months in advance by Girl Scout groups from outside the GSNWGL council. We are not currently allowing outside groups to rent our facilities. Special requests can be sent for approval to    

Girl Scout troops and service areas:

  • Use category "3-Troop Meeting Space" for troop meetings or events that are 3 hours or less in length and are held between Sunday after 3:30pm and Thursday evening. There is no charge to GSNWGL troops for these types of meetings.
  • Use category "2-Day Use" for any meeting or event that is more than 3 hours in length but less than 8 hours and/or held between Friday mornings and Sundays before 2pm.
  • Use category "1-Overnight" for any rentals that extend more than 8 hours. Standard check-in is 3:30pm and check-out is 2:00pm. Use “2-Day Use” to add additional hours to the start or end of your reservation

Ready to make your reservation? Get started by choosing your preferred category, start date, and time/duration from the features on the left side below. Available options will show in the center of the screen. Click “reserve” to add the site/activity to your cart. You can add as many sites/activities for as many dates as you like. When you’re ready, complete the checkout process and make your payment. It’s that simple!

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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Rachel Swedberg

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